over 1 year agoSeptember 27, 2018
I understand all of this but how can I go IN I filled the form and sign up, how can log in in this page "mclarkinc"
over 1 year agoSeptember 28, 2018
Seems like a good tool, How do I sign up?
over 1 year agoSeptember 29, 2018
Looks great, but does this tool work for any non-US market?
Ruth Mendez
over 1 year agoOctober 24, 2018
Ok I’ve watched both of the instruction videos on Finder and I love this Finder tool however, I can't help but notice that there are missing categories in the category list and also products when I do an extraction. For example when I search Home and Kitchen on Amazon there are over 90,000 products but when I use Finder without any filters, only about 24,000 come up. I'm wondering if I'm missing some of the product opportunities because its not extracting all of the products? It would be really great if all of the Amazon categories were listed in the Category List on the left side.

Please help because I really don't want to go back to Jungle Scout.

Thank you,

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